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When I buy something, I want to know how much it costs - without the fine print. I do not think that you need a spreadsheet to figure out the true cost of your reception. The price listed for the food, drink, and linens are the total price, period. From the appetizers, to the desserts, to a one of a kind wedding cake, we can be your one source for food and drink. We can serve your guests from an attended buffet, "action stations", or table service if you prefer. (extra charge applies for table service)


About Us...

Pablo's Catering is guided by long time St. Louis restauranteur Paul "Pablo" Weiss who has opened and operated several well regarded St. Louis venues such as Hot Locust, Kitchen K, Nectar, Pablo's, Rocket Bar, Side Door Club and Mercury. Pablo and his partner Tony Lee Stone personally work with you every step of the way making sure that your event is smooth as silk. Whether your DJ needs an extension cord or an unannounced extra 20 people show up, we have your back to make your event a smashing success!

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