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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Are there minimums?
A: Yes, 100 guests or $1,000.00
Q: Can you accommodate special dietary needs such as Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Kosher? 
A: Let us know what your situation & we will come up with thoughtful alternatives for your guests. We work with Kohn's Deli & Bakery in Creve Coeur for Kosher items.
Q: Do you charge less for children?
A: Yes, children 11 or younger are charged half price for food. 
Q: Do you provide water service at each place setting?
A: Yes, it's $1.50 extra charge per person. 
Q: Do you do desserts? Can I bring my own desserts? 
A: Yes, please refer to the "Desserts" tab. For Wedding Cakes we have a terrific in-house baker if you would like to set up an appointment just let us know. Alternatively please feel free to use an outside source for wedding desserts. We are happy to facilitate the delivery & serving at no additional charge.
Q: Is Table Service available or do you just do attended buffets?
A: Table Service is Available, please note the charges on the various menu pages.
 Q: How is payment handled? 
A: No Deposit is typically necessary. Payment is requested by check or cash. We offer accounts payable for corporate clients. Checks should be made out to MUSEUM CONCESSIONS MO, INC. 
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